Gut Bertingloh
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With heart and soul



Arnd Erben, Stefan Münch, Ellen Schulten-Baumer, Henri Ruoste

My greatest successes:

1st place in the small finals of the WC for 6-year-old horses in 2011, 10th place overall, 6th place in the WC for 5-year-old horses in 2012, 6th place in the WC for 5-year-old horses in 2017,Louisdor Preis victory 2019; Member of the german perspectiv squad; Grand Prix wins and placings

Sport aspirations:

become a part of the German national team

I am …

ambitious, cheerful and horse-mad

My most beautiful experience:

this moment when horse and rider become one

My most embarrassing experience:

falling off in the warm-up arena

Morning person or not a morning person?

Morning person

What comes first: work or pleasure?


I love…

My family und my animals

I dislike…

envy, jealousy and lies

Who would you like to get to know?

My great-grandpa

What would you do first if you won the lottery?

Uhm… more horses?

What do you definitely want to do in your life?

Ride the Olympics, go on safari, visit New Zealand

Me and my sister were the first ones in our family to become infected with the “horse virus”. It all began with our parents taking us to a pony farm for a weekend for them to be able to go on holiday themselves. This weekend triggered the desire for regular riding lessons and a pony of our own.

After many arguments, above-average school grades and countless wish lists with only one item, PONY, my sister and I finally got our “Cooper”.

Germany Pony Eventing Championships

From that time on, everything took its typical course, one pony for two children did not work out, so we got a second pony etc. At the beginning of my sporting career I first started competing in eventing classes. In this discipline, I participated in the German Pony Eventing Championships.

An aptitude for dressage

As my strengths in eventing lay not in cross-country but rather in the dressage arena, I chose a dressage lady called “Free Floating” when switching from ponies to horses. My passion and burning ambition for dressage riding were shared by Arnd Erben, who was going to be my trainer from this time on. Supported by Arnd, I participated in the German Youth Championships with “Excellent”.

After this successful time, I moved to Bavaria to spend several years training with Stefan Münch in Aubenhausen. Together with Stefan and “Free Floating”, I again participated in the German Youth Championships. I also owe Stefan my “partner in crime”, Soulmate. We found him as a three-year-old stallion in 2008. In 2011, Soulmate and I qualified for the World Championship for 6-year-old dressage horses, where we won the small finals and achieved an overall tenth place.

Training with Ellen Schulten-Baumer

Since 2008, I have been training with Ellen Schulten-Baumer, who has taught me how to train young horses up to Grand Prix level. Ellen has had an incredible influence on me and I owe her so much. She stuck by me, even in difficult times, and under her guidance I trained my first horse up to Grand Prix level, “Wildlife”. “Wildlife” was a very difficult horse with a strong character, but he also taught me a lot. He had made it his top priority to see me lying on the ground while I had set my mind on turning “Waldi” into a Grand Prix horse. Well, I finally managed to convince him and together we celebrated great successes in Grand Prix classes.

I am passionate about horses and this sport!
With Henri I have found a partner to share all this from the bottom of our hearts. We are an absolute dream team!

In early 2015, one of my dreams came true and Henri and I moved to Gut Bertingloh together. This is where Henri and I train together every day and where we inspire and support each other in every possible aspect. Henri also supports me during competitions. We are the perfect team, simple as that, and I also admire and respect him with regard to his riding.

From the World Championships for young Horses
– through to Grand Prix level

By now, I have developed and trained several horses up to Grand Prix level. Nevertheless, I also very much enjoy presenting young horses. I am looking forward to what the future holds!